Read what our customers have to say about Avalon Services

We've used Avalon Services for some of our cleaning services and for some of our minor construction projects and we have always been more than happy with their work. Brett is definitely a perfectionist, so once he is satisfied we know we'll be satisfied.

- JoAnn Bezet

New Life Church

We had Avalon Services resurface our countertops instead of replacing them. The end result was beautiful. So we had  them paint & antique our cabinets. What else we liked is they gave us many options and told us the strength and weakness of each process. We keep their card handy and if they do it we use them.

- Myra Cooper
Interior Designer

Once a year I get Avalon Services to come to my house for two days and help complete my wife's honey do list. Brett always laughs because it's about five days of work so he gets Michelle to number the list in the order of importance. We are totally confident that it will be done right and if a short cut is necessary to save money he lets us know about it and we chose what route to take. We would recommend Brett for anything that he does.

- Rick & Michelle Bezet
New Life Church

Brett manages all of our swimming pools at our golf courses. He has always been Johnny on the spot for us. He seems to have a good knowledge of the mechanical side of swimming pools. We like him and we have also used him for other things.

- David Carlile
The Challenge Golf Group